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31 December, 1999 at 4am (Singapore Time), the 1st Singapore Antarctica Expedition reached the South Pole after 57 gruelling days of their trek on ice. The team led by Khoo Swee Chiow and co-leader Robert Goh and team members Major Ang Yau Choon and David Lim are in good physical condition. They were warmly welcomed and greeted by the Americans in the South Pole research centre. All the members of the South Pole team would like to thank Singaporeans for all the moral support that was shown to them during their trek; without which, they would not have been able to accomplish this objective. In so doing, the team hopes that they have contributed to Singapore's achievements for this century and give all Singaporean another reason to be proud of their country. Read more about it here

December 9, 1999 at 2.00 am, the South Pole team received their resupply for food and fuel that will last them for the next 30 days of their arduous journey. They have spent that day to rest and pack their sleds. The team has to date trekked 684 km and are 441 km away from their objective. They are trekking at an average of 28 - 30 kms a day and are expected to reach the South Pole as scheduled.
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